This pink cycling lane in New Zealand amazed the world

The Nelson Street Cycleway in Auckland: its glass walls, LED mood lighting system and bright colours make this pink cycling lane visible at a great distance…and all over the world.

The pink cycling lane called Nelson Street Cycleway and known as “The pink bike path” or “The light path” has already become a must-see in New Zealand. It was built out of a disused off-ramp leading to Auckland’s State highway. Well, the view from the cycling lane is not spectacular, but now, thanks to this pink strip, cyclists and pedestrians can take a shortcut to get to the coast of the capital of New Zealand.

nelson street cycleway auckland
Many curious people rode their bikes or took a walk on Nelson Street’s pink cycling lane, Auckland.

Details of the pink cycling lane in New Zealand

The Nelson Street Cycleway connects Upper Queen Street to Quay Street. The shared-use path will give access to the beach and become a crucial stretch of Auckland’s cycling network. The project has funding from the Government through the Urban Cycleways Programme and is being jointly delivered by the NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

To be more precise the colour chosen for the path among different shades of orange, pink, yellow and red is a variety of purple called telemagenta.

The architects that planned the project explained that the choice of the colour was informed: they wanted it to stand out against the urban landscape and distinguish itself from other cycling paths, so they covered it with a bright pink resin. The architects chose telemagenta for their project because, according to them, many people wouldn’t dare use it and because it is a bright and easily visible colour that makes the cycling lane a sort of urban art installation.

The Nelson Street Cycleway is also lined on one side with three hundreds LED lights, which makes it even more original. The LED mood lighting system constantly changes and during the sunset it makes the path stand out even more.

Auckland’s pink cycling lane is also in the shortlist of Berlin’s World Architecture Festival in the section “transport”. In November it will compete with railway stations, ports, airports, bridges as well as with a cycling bridge built in the city of Odense, Denmark.

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