Cycling the ‘Kittymobile’ from Amsterdam to London

Thomas cycled from the Netherlands to London with his cats Mushy and Cheesy on board a modified Dutch tricycle, the Kittymobile. A long ride that drew the attention of many.

A trip by bike from Amsterdam to London with two cats in tow. Obviously, the four-legged travel companions didn’t run after their master Thomas, but they were on board of a peculiar cargo bike. They travelled many cities, drawing the attention of young and old passengers, due to Mushi’s and Cheesy’s big eyes looking around.




Inspired to the Popemobile, Pope Francis’ car, the Kittymobile was realised with a traditional Dutch tricycle and was used to travel to the UK.


To entertain Mushi and Cheesy during the trip, Thomas placed a small playhouse made with cardboard blocks, designed to stimulate the cats’ physical and mental activity even in small spaces, like the houses in London and, more generally, in the UK.


Obviously, the cats were given water, food and a disposable litter box.




Talking about his adventure, Thomas Vles said: “I know how much the British love their animals […] however first class travel for cats is not yet available, the Kittymobile is the perfect solution, offering a spacious and personalized travel vessel!”


Not bad as a bike, since London is 480 kilometres away from the capital of the Netherlands. Not to mention that the tricycle is more difficult to drive and heavier than a normal bike and that Thomas had to ride it in the rain.


Once arrived in London, Mushi and Cheesy soon settled down in the cat shop office, also thanks to their furry friends with whom they played all day long.


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