Insomnia. 10 videos to sleep with the ASMR technique

Among the comments to ASMR videos there are people who suggest role plays, others who encourage the YouTubers to strip but also many people who admitted to have fallen asleep whilst watching the video with their earphones on.

Everything except for chemical substances is good if you want to relax and sleep, the best thing you could do is to have a good mattress, we suggest to check the labor day weekend mattress sales. Even though sometimes there are practices that verge on fetishism. Using sighs, caresses and the sound of scissors, ASMR videos are overflowing on YouTube.


ASMR videos are on YouTube since 2012

There are some standards. Nonsexual role play games. Close-up shooting and POV (points of view). Whispers. No background music, not even chill-out music. Long videos of over twenty minutes. The quality of the audio recording is usually remarkable since users consider it essential for the success of the video: the sound must be binaural and muffled, and it shouldn’t include the external noises of the environment. In the titles of the videos the sounds you’ll hear are carefully listed: the rustle of sheets of paper, click of buttons, smack, the sound of pestles in a mortar…


Jingles and whispers to give goosebumps

The aim of these videos is giving goosebumps by letting people remember tickling sounds and locations and replicating with a mellow voice slight noises, gestures and titillating situations. The people who record them use combs, brushes, including makeup brushes, sprayers and even scissors with slow and winking gestures. They fetishly focus on details, on the sound of a bottle cap that unscrews, the gurgle of a bottle of Coca Cola in a glass with ice cubes, the ticking of nails on a cosmetic packaging.


Shivers of pleasure

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This practice is used to make people feel a pleasant sensation like a delicate thrill, a tingling down the spine or on the shoulders when they’re mentally relaxed or other people are taking care of them and they feel tactile stimuli or, visual and sound stimuli like in these videos. If you want to try and watch them we suggest that you use earphones.


Personal attention, positive statements, rubbing the lens (400,000 views)

Californian Nicole Skye, aka Relaxing Whispers is definitely the most beautiful performer. She whispers even while she uncork and taste a beer, her manners and look are so endearing that she attracts a female audience. In many videos she pretends to put on make up and pretends to be in a beauty salon. But the most convincing video is the one in which she addresses the listener with friendly words and hugs.


Head massages, haircut and brushstrokes in the face (1,600,000 views)

One of the few male ASMR performers is the Australian MassageASMR. In this long session, he performs cranial and facial massages, haircuts and different kinds of brushstrokes.


A role play game simulating the check-in in a hotel with the sounds of typing, writing and card swiping (1,500,000 views)

In this video the YouTuber Springbok pretends to be a receptionist and simulates a hotel check-in by typing keys on the computer keyboard and speaking of local beautiful sites, with a sweet and condescending tone… for 40 minutes.


Tick, tick, relax your ears (1,700,000 views)

Fairy Char (190 thousand subscribers) has a very expensive binaural microphone with silicone ears (3Dio Free Space, $ 500) to record the ticking of her fingers and her gentle sighs.


Touch and feel soft and silky fabrics (5,000 views)

SoftlySpoken ASMR is a new entry but a promising young woman who has also an Etsy shop of vegan clothes.


Perfect for the winter: facial steaming (5.3 million views)

GentleWhispering is one of the most professional ASMR YouTubers and this long video she makes us virtually immerse in fumigations, changing the lights from time to time.


At the herbalist’s shop (400,000 views)

YouTuber ASMRrequests has recently launched herself into nature and posted videos where she makes soap, tea and gingerbread cakes but also others where she makes poker chips sound. Here she’s pretending to be in a herbalist’s shop: a role play game with mortar and pestle, the rustling of bags of herbs, mixtures, grinding.


Love for animals, brushing, scratching and massages to puppies (100,000 views)

WhispersUnicorn (108,000 subscribers) pretends to be in a spa or in a beauty salon and she records the reading of fairytales and the colouring of albums, but she goes further. She tries to practice ASMR with her dog Riley. Her first attempt failed, but now she has succeeded.


The ultimate spa (unisex) (1,300,000 views)

The academic student Chloe McClane (Ukasmr, 160,000 subscribers) realises less than a video every month, but some of them reach peaks of over a million views. In the nicest one she pretends to be a beautician and indulges in caresses, strokes, brushstrokes and sighs.


Colouring a horse: whispers and crayons (120,000 views)

Young Jellibean (110,000 subscribers) has recently moved to California but she hasn’t stopped to post videos. The most watched actually is an audio track (400mila visualizzazioni) but the most beautiful one is the one we suggest, where she records every slight creaking of a pencil and sighs while she’s colouring the silhouette of a horse head. It takes her an hour to do so.


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