The wonders of Benevento and Sannio devastated by the flood

Just a few days ago, the region of Sannio and the city of Benevento were hit by a devastating flood. Partly forgotten by the State and media, these areas that are steeped in history need help.


The devastating force of water often hits this region, some areas more than others. Benevento and the hilly area of Sannio, Southern Italy, have already experienced similar disasters, but the natural disasters occurred in the past didn’t help to better cope with current ones. The flood in this almost unknown area of Campania reached its climax with the flooding of the Tamarro and Calore rivers occurred few days ago. The extent of the damage to the region, businesses and people was very heavy. Yet, support and media attention weren’t enough.


Benevento is the most affected area and it’s the symbol of a neglected and almost abandoned city. The flood killed three people and the city is now buried under the mud, which is almost worse than water. But what lies beneath the mud? What does this land hide? Known as the city of “witches”, the history of this magical city can be summarised in three main periods: Roman, Lombard, Pontifical. Benevento is an open-air museum, you can visit it and be surprised at it even if you don’t follow a precise itinerary: the Arch of Trajan, the Roman Theatre, the majestic Fortress of the Rectors (Rocca dei Rettori), the Cathedral (Duomo), the Leproso Bridge (Ponte Leproso), Santa Sofia Church, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites or the Hortus Conclusus, a set of Domenico Paladino’s significant sculptures in the garden of the former convent of San Domenico, in Piazza Guerrazzi.


Sannio is a beautiful region that satisfies those who go in search of unspoiled, wild landscapes: the paths you must take when you visit this region include the Dormiente del Sannio itinerary that includes the Taburno-Camposauro range that owes its name to the shape of the mountains, resembling a lying woman. Virgil in the Aeneid as well as in the Georgics described these lands, rich in water and vegetation: from holly to hawthorn, from the undergrowth to tall trees, such as chestnut, fir, oak and beech. The animals include predators such as foxes, weasels, martens and stone martens. There are also boars, hedgehogs, hares, deer, mouflons and wild horses.


Grassano Park
Grassano Park


Another ideal destination for families with kids is Grassano Park: set in the evocative Telesina Valley and surrounded by Roman ruins, medieval castles and quaint villages it is an oasis that offers the opportunity to approach the magic of nature. The clear waters of the river Grassano run through this fascinating place that is characterised by enchanting views.


These are some of the places which are currently in state of emergency. Whoever wants to support the people affected by the flood in Sannio can make a donation to Caritas Benevento. Helping them now means protecting this area of Campania: don’t forget to choose Benevento and Sannio as a holiday destination to see their beauties and help protecting them.

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