Ecuador presents its sustainable revolution

Ecuador is a paradise for biodiversity and is also full of amazing natural landscapes, food products and history.

At the heart of South America, Ecuador, a paradise for biodiversity, has taken part for the first time to a World Exposition. Water is a key element in Ecuador, from oceans to the glaciers located in Andes peaks, passing through the rivers crossing the Amazon rainforest. The country hosts thousands of plants of animal species, some of which live in what is the very cradle of evolution: Galapagos.




Ecuador participation to Expo 2015 is devoted to discovering “R-Evolution”, aiming to describe the natural treasure of the country, located between the Equator line and Andes. Rafael Correa, President of the Republic of Ecuador, who was present during the event, used a metaphor combining passion for football and religious faith to describe the unique natural richness: “There is a football rivalry between Argentina and Brazil. Sometimes they even have arguments on religion, as Argentina claims the Pope is Argentinian and Brazil replies that God is Brazilian. Well, I say to Brazil and Argentina that if the Pope is Argentinian and God is Brazilian, then Ecuador is undoubtedly the Paradise.


Ecuador is also the major producer and exporter bananas (exported mainly to Europe, which is the largest importer), cocoa, roses, shrimps and tuna. One of the most colourful pavilions of Expo 2015 features an interactive, visual and olfactory exhibition. 3D platforms animate the largest agricultural production and give off the scent of roses, bananas and cocoa, which is said to be “the most perfumed in the world”.




Ecuador pavilion is not only limited to food production and tourism. Indeed, at Milan Expo 2015, the country presents to Europe and to the world its renewed policy, devoted to social cohesion, innovation and safeguard of biodiversity. Pietro Grasso, the President of the Italian Senate, insisted on that point: “We are very proud Ecuador chose Milan Expo 2015 as location to take part to a World Exposition for the first time. We celebrate at the same time the diversity and the lasting unity of mankind, respecting national identities deeply. This message proofs that what is really important is not political or economic power, nor success. What is really important is humanity, justice, equality, fairness, harmony and solidarity.

Expo 2015 is also an opportunity to bring the different cultures of the world closer and give voice to them.

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