6 eco amusement parks to take your kids

Amusement parks can be a pleasant diversion during the holidays. Some are also eco-friendly: here are some located in Europe and North America.

Children love adventure, water and theme amusement parks. But how to turn the children’s passion for games and attractions into a low-impact opportunity for amusement and education for the entire family? By choosing a sustainable funfair that commits to limit its environmental impact. Here are a few examples of eco amusement parks in Europe and North America.

Nature adventure pool, Vorderhornbach (Austria)

Opened in Vorderhornbach (Lechtal Valley, Tyrol) in 2010, the pool was completely realised with natural materials. Besides the small swimming lake Badino with natural rocks from which you can dive, lianas and a brook, it includes an area where water is filtered. This uses a system of filters and pumps that cleans the lake without the use of chlorine and other chemical substances. The pool is located next to the cycling path of the Lechtal Valley and in winter months it becomes an ice rink.
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Nature adventure pool Vorderhornbach
Nature adventure pool, Vorderhornbach (Austria).

Crealy Great Adventure Park (UK)

The first adventure park in the UK that is powered by renewable energy. The buildings and attractions, including the vertiginous roller coaster, use the electricity produced by solar panels. The Crealy Great Adventure Park’s vehicles, in addition, are fuelled by biodiesel, pit water in the park is extracted to avoid wasting drinking water and local manufacturers supply their products.

Terra Botanica, Angers (France)

The “extraordinary gardens” of Angers, France, are aimed to preserve plant biodiversity, with their 11 hectares of gardens and greenhouses that are home to plant species from every continent. Shows, didactic activities and children’s attractions complete the offer of the theme park, which also organises conferences and meetings on the preservation of the world’s plant heritage.

Orme nel parco (Italy)

Immersed in a beechwood on the mountains of the region of Sila, southern Italy, this theme park includes land art installations and dog walking paths. Besides the traditional outdoor entertainment activities (adventure itineraries, mountain bike, climbing, excursions etc) it is possible to have “eco experiences”, guided sensory experiences in contact with nature. The entrance to the park is free, you just pay for the activities in which you participate. Info here.

Villages Nature (France)

The eco park located in Marne La Vallée, in the surroundings of Disneyland Paris, will be open to the public by the end of 2016. Organic architecture, zero emission buildings, vegetable pyramids and geothermal energy will be one of the characteristics of the park, which will include attractions and didactic paths with eco-friendly themes.

villages nature
A rendering of Villages Nature, France.

Legoland, Canada

The Canadian branch of the park of the famous bricks has an entire section powered by solar energy. The building also recycles plastic bottles, tin cans and other recyclable waste.

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