Cycle superhighway in the middle of a motorway

In South Korea, a 30 km long cycle superhighway covered in photovoltaic panels links Daejeon to Sejong.

The opportunity of building cycle superhighways, as the one planned for London, has been recently discussed and they will likely be a future trend. However, in South Korea, a cycle superhighway has been built in the middle of a motorway


About 30 km long, the route links Daejeon (South Korea’s fifth largest metropolis) with Sejong, a city built to house some government buildings.




The city took its name from King Sejong the Great, the father of the Korean alphabet. It aims to become a model for sustainability in Asia (as it is explained in Sejong, Asia’s Green metropolis of the future report) and the cycle superhighway in the middle of a motorway can be rightfully included among the several steps leading to the fulfilment of this goal. It is covered with several photovoltaic panels helping produce sustainable energy. The solar panels’ roof gives shelter to cyclists in case of rain too.


This video provides a bird’s-eye view of the superhighways with photovoltaic panels, thanks to the shooting realized by a drone. Another video was posted on Facebook showing the cycle superhighway beneath the photovoltaic panels.



The cycle superhighway belongs to a larger projects aiming to build 350 km of cycle routes around Sejong.

In any case, the area obtained in the motorways allowed keeping three lanes for cars and one lane for other means of transport, such as coaches, for each direction of travel. In case of positive results, this project might be realised elsewhere. Actually, someone has already suggested to build in the United States too cycle superhighways similar to the one realised in South Korea


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