China and the US make a deal on the reduction of CO2 emissions

The presidents of China and the US made a deal on the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.

China and United States, the two countries that emit the largest amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere worldwide reached an agreement to reduce CO2 emissions and fight climate change. They declared this during a joint press release of Chinese president Xi Jinping and US president Barack Obama held on 12th November, at the end of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation session.


The Washington government committed itself to reduce emissions by 26-28 percent by 2025 with respect to 2005 estimates. The Beijing government promised to put a halt to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, without setting a cap on when to start reducing them. None of the presidents mentioned the tools to be used to reach these goals.




According to the latest data of the World Resources Institute (WRI) China is the world biggest emitter of CO2 contributing to over 28 percent of all emissions, followed by the US with 16.5 percent. The third country is India with 5.8 percent. The EU, which includes 28 countries, is responsible for 11.4 percent. China and the US together emit 44.5 of the global amount of CO2. While considering the production of CO2 per capita Saudi Arabia ranks first, followed by the US. The citizens of these countries generate more than 17 tonnes of CO2 yearly.


The last report released by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggested to cut emissions from 40 to 70 percent by 2050 and by 100 percent by the end of the century to tackle the worst effects of global warming.


The new International and binding agreement on climate should be reached during the UNFCCC, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that is going to be held in Paris in 2015.

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