Bologna, what to do in 36 hours according to The New York Times

A New York Times journalist spent 36 hours in Bologna and was amazed by the city’s art and culinary traditions as well as its modernity. What to do in just three days in this Italian gem.

The New York Times in its weekly travel section, “36 Hours” suggests a brief but intense itinerary in Bologna: this Italian city is a wonderful combination of tradition and innovation. In the following video you can find the tour suggested by the American daily newspaper as well as a few suggestions for foodies.

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Bologna, what to eat

Nobody can forget (foreign students included) that Bologna is nicknamed “la rossa, la dotta e la grassa“ (literally, the red, educated and fat): fat for its rich cuisine that isn’t limited to tortellini and lasagne or spaghetti bolognese, as this recipe is wrongly known outside of Italy, but many other dishes such as pizza and beverages such as craft beers. Apart from an unmissable stop at Eataly World, the largest agri-food centre in the world, the NYT suggests a tour of the Mercato di Mezzo: for those who have never heard of it, it is located in the market district where there are lots of butchers, fruit and vegetable stalls, bakeries, traditional delicatessens and other small shops with long traditions. In these places, where the furniture and architecture has been preserved, the craft has been handed from parent to offspring, which makes them a real treasure trove of art.

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Bologna New York Times
What to do in Bologna according to The New York Times

Bologna, what to do

For visitors that aren’t just food lovers there’s ample choice of things to do: the NYT was amazed by the MAST Gallery and it suggests its readers to visit it, but what is it about? As Foundation MAST itself explains: it “is an international cultural and philanthropic institution that focuses on art, technology and innovation. Focussing on new generations as the primary target, MAST Foundation favours the development of creativity and entrepreneurship, also cooperating with other institutions in order to support economic and social growth. It builds a bridge between companies and communities. The activities offered to external visitors, as well as the services dedicated to company employees, share the same philosophy based on technology, art and innovation. The foundation supports projects that leverage on identity, develop new ideas, and create new links.”

Modern, suggestive and functional are only three of the adjectives that best describe this foundation.

Another unmissable gem is the Biblioteca Comunale dell’Archiginnasio (Archiginnasio Municipal Library). The “palazzo” (palace) and the library are wonderful both for what they contain and for their architecture. They’re located in the heart of Bologna, where it’s always beautiful to wander the streets and porticoes, even without following The New York Times’ tips.

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