Blackberries and melon skewers

Una ricetta velocissima da preparare, per rinfrescarsi mangiando: gli spiedini di mora e melone. Una variante altrettanto gustosa si realizza utilizzando il mango al posto del melone.




Ingredients for 4 people

1 fairly ripe melon

40 blackberries (2 or 3 baskets)

20 medium-length wooden skewers





Put blackberries in the fridge for at least one hour before washing them. This will make blackberries compact and will ease their washing.




Put blackberries in a strainer and wash them under running water (do not left them in water to avoid that they absorbs water). Let them rest in a strainer, in a fresh and dry place.

Meanwhile, cut the melon in half, peel it, remove the core of the melon with seeds and cut the melon to cube of 2 cm on each side.

Prepare melon and blackberries skewers, alternating two blackberries and two melon cubes for each skewer. Put them on a platter, decorate with some leaves of mint and serve.


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