Italy on foot: the beauty of walking

It’s the easiest way to travel, but often we forget it. Walking allows us to admire our cities and travel long distances. You will rediscover the art of contemplation, the relationship with nature and how to take things slowly.

Everybody can do it, every day. We can walk to work, looking at the places we live in with new perspective and curiosity. Alternatively, we can leave home to discover unknown places whilst walking along roads and paths.


Walking is a way of travelling, maybe the most fascinating. It allows you to establish a unique relationship with the way you go through life and the environment surrounding you, whilst having the time and attention to admire nature without distractions. All over the world there are countless hikers and many countries offer plenty of paths and unique landscapes, for everyone, both experts and beginners.


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Speaking of walks and routes, the famous Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) comes to mind, but there are many other paths to travel. Here are some tips all the way from Italy.


There are cooperatives and agencies that provide everything, walking is the only thing left to take care of. For example, the Italian agency Walden viaggi a piedi offers a wide range of itineraries for every kind of trekker. It also promotes social trekking, defining it as a laboratory of conviviality, lifestyle, alternative economies, better and sustainable social planning, since walking together with other people is a social act that can change the world. We totally agree with this: have you ever thought how walking is good for you and the environment? It is responsible and sustainable tourism.


Trekking Italia aims to promote, respect and protect nature, reframing people’s perceptions and relational skills, which have been weakened by modern habits. It offers itineraries both in Italy and abroad, at every time of year and for all budgets.


If you think you don’t need anything arranged, we suggest two itineraries in Italy, one in the north, the other in the south.

The Path of Gods, Amalfi Coast, southern Italy, is a path in between the sea and mountains, immersed in Mediterranean scrub.

The Via Spluga, Valtellina, northern Italy, is a hiking route in the central Alps that connects the towns of Thusis and Chiavenna.


The last tip before embarking on your route is to consult the book The World on Foot. In Praise of Walking by David Le Breton, to start your travels among extraordinary pages.

Bon voyage!

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