Work-related stress, the natural remedies to get back to work after the holidays

The summer is not yet over, but it’s time to resume our daily routine at work. And due to this, many feel tired, restless or suffer from insomnia.

Down with sadness and asthenia

Sadness and bad mood after the holidays can affect your body as well as your mind: you feel tired, exhausted, unenthusiastic. It is difficult to concentrate and start to work. For those who suffer from stress-related psycho-physical asthenia characterised by fatigue and sleepiness all day long as well as irritability and nervousness it is useful to take Nux Vomica 30 CH, 5 grains every night before going to sleep. If it is impossible for you to concentrate and you feel insecure and have panic attacks, it is suggestable to take Gelsemium 30 CH, 5 grains every time you need it. Another remedy to treat the anxiety that manifest itself through tiredness, irritability, nervousness, sleeping disorders, tension headache and heartburn is Datif PC. Let 2 pills dissolve under your tongue, 3 times a day.


Watchword: detoxify

During the holidays it often happens that people follow an unhealthy regime: having a detoxifying treatment in September is one of the best ways to come back to work. But how? CY.TA.FU is a medicine made of Cynara scolymus (artichoke), Taraxacum officinale (dandelion), Fumaria officinalis (common fumitory) mother tincture. You should take 30 drops, to be diluted in a glass of water, twice a day without food for at least a couple of months. You must follow the treatment for at least 20 days in a row and then make a pause of 10 days.


Practicing sport again

Whether you do it to lose weight or to regain shape, doing physical activity is a good habit. But be careful not to go overboard: it’s better to start at a slow pace. Whatever the type of physical activity may be, if you feel far too stiff, it is recommended to take a globule of Arnica montana 200 CH. Either before or after physical activity, you can also take 5 grains of Arnica montana 5 CH for three times a day. Locally, on the stiff area, you can apply an Arnica-based ointment.


Prevention of common colds

September is the suitable month to get prepared to the season’s change and start to prevent common winter diseases. It is advisable to take homeopathic medicines such as Anas barbarie 200k from September to March (a dose once a week. This homeopathic drug helps reducing the odds of getting a cold even in particularly sensitive subjects including school-age children and old people.


Published by Valentina Petitto, PhD in botanical science and chemist at the Farmacia Petitto, Rome.

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