5 essential oils to massage your neck

How to relieve pain in the neck with natural remedies? Here are a few essential oils to massage the neck and shoulders.

Those who suffer from neck pain know that it is really annoying because it can cause also headache, backache, dizziness, limb discomfort and, sometimes, in more severe cases, nausea and vomit.

This disorder can be caused by different factors: a blast of wind, humidity, inflammation due to intense physical activity, abrupt movements, stress and tension, bad posture (especially when we’re seated at a table). The mostly used remedies are painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Considering that nothing can replace your doctor’s advice, here we suggest some essential oils useful to massage the neck and shoulders and to reduce muscle inflammation.


Devil’s claw

Despite its name, which it owes to its shape that resembles a hand with “spiny” nails, this perennial herbaceous plant native to South Africa, the savannah and the Kalahari desert has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in case of arthritis, joint pain and muscle inflammation. It is available in the essential oil form as well as in ointment and dry extract form.

Arnica montana

Arnica is used infused in oil (with a concentration up to 100 per cent) rather than in the essential oil form, so it is more effective than other ointments that can contain up to 30 percent of plant-extract. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it is used also in case of sports trauma and sprain.



There are two varieties of the chamomile essential oil, the Roman one and the blue one. The former, in particular, has sedative, relaxing and anti-stress properties: it is useful to relieve neck pain due to muscular tension.


The essential oil of this well-known herb is used to relieve rheumatic and arthrosic diseases. If used with other essential oils, the rosemary essential oil is useful in case of inflammation due to blasts of air and humidity.


The essence of this beautiful and scented plant is recommended to soothe headaches, according to an Iranian study conducted by the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. This essential oil has spasmolytic and sedative properties. It is particularly recommended in case of migraines and neck pain.


How to prepare them?

It is better not to use “pure” essential oils, but to mix them with almond or jojoba oil (you can find certified and high-quality almond or jojoba base essential oils even at the supermarket) or with a neutral cream. The ratio should be 5-10 drops of essential oil in 50 ml of cream or base oil.

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