Say no to water retention, with plants

You can tackle the swelling caused by water retention through physical activity and three plants. Discover which ones.

Water retention makes you feel heavy even because it is worse in those areas where a larger amount of fat is stored, such as glutes, abdomen, thighs and ankles. When the body holds on to its fluids, it swells, thus slowing down the flow of blood and lymph. And this prevents your body from removing toxins and delivering nutrients are delivered to the tissues. So, a vicious cycle starts making it difficult to understand which is the problem that has caused the others.

In a few cases, water retention can be caused by heart or kidney diseases, allergies or inflammation. That’s why it is necessary to consult a physician.


Good habits…

If you have good health condition, fluid retention is probably due to an unbalanced lifestyle and sedentary habits. So, it is essential to do physical activity often: it is not necessary to practice a sport, which in some cases is harmful, but you need to walk a lot, go up and down the stairs and ride a bicycle.


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Physical activity won’t do if you don’t eat a diet rich in vegetables and fibres to reduce toxins and hydrate the body. In spite of what people usually think to eliminate the fluids you should drink plenty of water. And herbal tea, chosing plants that stimulate diuresis: beard of corn, cherry stem, horsetail, nettle, couch grass, dandelion, burdock and bearberry. Here are a few plant mixtures you can try, but only under your doctor’s advice during pregnancy, breastfeeding, drug therapies or in case of low blood pressure, because it tends to lower further with increased urine secretion.


…and different kinds of herbal tea for every kind of people

If you want to prepare a herbal tea that stimulates fluid secretion and that balances mineral salts through urine, mix equal parts of cherry stems, horsetail and nettle. Put a spoonful of this mixture into a cup of hot water and let it rest for ten minutes before filtering it; drink it in the morning and in the evening.




If the swelling is due to urinary tract infections, you’d better choose detoxifying plants including dandelion and burdock to blend with bearberries in equal parts. Put a spoonful of this mixture in a cup of boiling water and bring it again to a boil before turning off the heat. After ten minutes filter and drink it in the morning and evening.


To stimulate the elimination of fluids and toxins here is a natural remedy to help tackling cellulitis: beard of corn, couch grass and horsetail infusion to be prepared as the first mixture we have suggested above.

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