“The Soil Story”, told by Jason Mraz

The US singer Jason Mraz is the voice narrating the short film The Soil Story, movie that highlights the importance of a healthy soil for a healthy planet.

Soil plays a precious and indispensable role. Besides providing us with food and medicines, it absorbs great quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. It is in fact the planet’s largest carbon storage.


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A solution to climate change and greenhouse effect could lay right underneath our feet: a healthy soil. This is the theory of the short film The Soil Story, movie narrated by the US singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, which highlights the importance of a healthy soil to curb drought and global warming.


Mraz is an organic farming and short supply chain supporter: he grows vegetables and fruit he eats, in a completely sustainable way.


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Taking control of your food means reclaiming your power by saving money, saving energy, saving waste and saving fuel believe it or not,” said Mraz. “It is the foundation for the idea ‘think globally and act locally’.”


Despite several steps forward toward the reduction of carbon emissions have been taken, we already have emitted some 880 billion tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.


Currently, we are not able to absorb large quantities of polluting emissions through machineries yet. Thus, in order to reduce emissions, we must protect the most powerful tool in “capturing” carbon we have: the soil.


The problem is that planet’s lands are losing their ability of recovery and started releasing in the atmosphere more carbon than they absorb. The cause of this phenomenon is the industrial-scale agriculture that, through a massive use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers, has gradually impoverished soils altering their natural biology.


A solution to this could be taking care of lands by adopting the so called regenerative agriculture, farming technique that allows benefitting from the soil’s property without exploiting or impoverishing it, thus favouring its capacity of absorbing CO2 and storing water.


According to organic farming supporters, in order this system to be effective, it should be adopted on a large scale. The state of California has committed to investing 2 billion dollars to combat climate change, through the restoration of its soils.


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The short film “The Soil Story”, realised by the association Kiss the Ground, has been produced to support a state fund of 160 million dollars to give the natural vitality back to the soil.

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