Sustainable urban mobility, the missing link between innovation and planning

The problems of urban mobility can be solved through technological innovations in transport systems, but urban plans and policies don’t always support cities’ competitiveness.

Traffic, pollution, energy consumption are all problems linked to urban mobility. The development of public transport and research on technological innovations is the best way to improve the management of resources and citizens’ quality of life.


Mobility is one of the key factors for local and global socio-economic development of urban spaces. For this reason, sustainability has a crucial role in the strategies used.




With its White paper on the European transport policy, the European Union plays an active role in planning strategies for the development of a sustainable urban mobility while, on the other side local authorities have adopted these EU directives in their normative system.


In the EU Energy Efficiency Strategy, the Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) demonstrates how the introduction of new technologies for transport contributes to its efficiency, safety, environmental impact and productivity and talked about the need to use hybrid vehicles in public and private transport systems even when hydrogen cars were undergoing field tests.




To meet the need of a more suitable legislation for urban development, many administrations started the legal procedure for the adoption of sustainable mobility urban plans that would enable the spread of innovative technologies in the transport field.


The so-called Intelligent Trasportation Systems (ITS) helps contain the environmental and social impacts of urban mobility by offering a wide range of vehicles in which digital technologies are integrated to information ones, such as hydrogen vehicles and smartphone apps for mobility management.




Sustainability is what the strategic planning and the solutions for urban mobility aim for. In order to meet social and environmental needs, experimental and industrial research should be conducted to the spread of hydrogen vehicles and a reasonable growth of the city of the future.


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