The Dutch revolution: home renewal only takes 10 days

Il progetto è partito tre anni fa e prevede di riqualificare 111 mila abitazioni, trasformandole in case ad “energia zero”. I Paesi Bassi fanno scuola.

Energiesprong has been defined has the “Dutch revolution” and it will be implemented in France and in the United Kingdom too. The project was launched three years ago in the Netherlands and aims to renew 111 homes turning them into zero energy homes. It only takes 10 days to renew each building.




It is a European “deep renovation” pilot project, which has been presented in Italy during Rebuild, an event dedicated to innovation in building renovation and management. “We need to manage the constructor sector, to develop new products and improve the efficiency of buildings. I think the key is creating a net zero energy home,” explained Ron Van Erck, an architect and the creator of Energiesprong project.


This solution has been implemented in the Netherlands, where, under the auspices of the Government, 100,000 houses will be renovated in three years and turned into net energy houses. The residents of each building were asked to leave their home for just 10 days. Upon their return, thanks to the intervention on covering and systems, with exterior insulation and finishing systems and preassembled frames, the house’s zero energy consumptions are guaranteed for 30 years.


According to Van Erck, the key the problem is innovation, finding new solution to adopt depending on the market and circumstances, in order to cut intervention costs. The Netherlands are an example of such innovation. The renovation of different kind of building in 3 years has implied a shift from 50% reduction of consumptions to a completely zero energy houses, along with intervention costs reduced by 40%.


How can we adapt this process to the Italian buildings, which are often very old? “Italy has more wonderful buildings than we do. With such buildings, it is better to focus on interior spaces rather than exterior spaces, trying not to reduce the living spaces, in other words a renovation following the same principle as for Dutch renovated houses: a long-lasting energy efficiency,” highlights Van Erck.




To achieve this goal, the whole building sector must be renovated, finding new solutions and intervention in order to industrialize the renovation sector. “The next step is starting with a definite number of building to intervene in, allowing building sector to invest,” suggests Van Erck.


This point of view is also shared by Thomas Miorin, Habitech Managing director and the creator of Rebuild: “Neither a new budgetary policy nor an improvement of the administrative processes will be enough to reach these objectives. We must renovate the productive foundations of a sector, which is mainly made of very small businesses, lacking of innovation, computerisation and organisation”.


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