Street Art in Barcelona: graffiti and folding bicycles, a perfect combination

Riding a bike on Sunday morning to enjoy the city, this is what David Cristian suggests after he got on his folding bike and saw some of Barcelona’s most beautiful graffiti.

Discovering “silent” Barcelona’s street art by bike. That’s what David Cristian did on his folding bike one Sunday morning, in search of graffiti in some areas of the Catalan city. “You can easily picture Saturday evenings in Catalonia by thinking about tapas, beer, terraces and plaças full of people until really late at night. That’s why – David Cristian writes in his blog – Sunday mornings are usually quiet, because people rest and most cafes won’t even open until around 10 a.m.”. So, he suggests that people get on their bike on Sunday morning, when cities are less chaotic and it’s possble to enjoy urban landscapes serenely.

Photo of a piece taken by David Cristian and also published in his instagram account

The pictures of the graffiti

In one of his Sunday trips, David Cristian took pictures of some graffiti with his smartphone that are featured in the photo gallery below. “Most of my pictures were taken in the Poble Nou area, the former industrial heart of the city, now famous for its street art”. Colours and patterns that brighten up the city’s urban areas, where once greyness reigned supreme.

Barcelona, that managed to become one of the most bike-friendly cities, offers cyclists many options, from the streets of their neighbourhood to the much appreciated famous parks along the coastlines.


It’s not by chance that Cristian chose a folding bicycle. In fact, it’s suitable for those who don’t have a place where to put a traditional bike, since it can be kept at home. As Cristian explains: “A folding bike was a must, since leaving your bike outdoors in Barcelona is not a good idea. Plus I live in a really old building with super narrow stairs and no elevator. There’s simply not enough space to carry upstairs a ‘normal’ bike”.

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