Spaghetti with pistachio sauce

The spaghetti with pistachio sauce are very easy and quick to prepare. With their tasty flavour, they are perfect for every season.

Ingredients for 4 people

400 g of spaghetti

8 fillets of anchovies in olive oil

4 spoonful of breadcrumbs

2 handful of pistachios (minced)


1 clove of garlic

chilli pepper

extra virgin olive oil



spaghetti con pistacchi



Boil the water in a large pot. In the meanwhile, cook the oil, garlic, pepper, anchovies, and the grinded parsley. In another pan, brown the breadcrumbs with oil. Mince the pistachios and toast them. Cook the spaghetti (al dente), drain them and toss them with the condiment of anchovies and the minced pistachios. Serve the spaghetti adding the breadcrumbs on top.


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