Andalusian gazpacho

Andalusian gazpacho is a traditional recipe. Here are some of its variants invented in many other Spanish regions.



Ingredients for 6 servings

300 g of diced stale bread

1.5 kg of ripe round tomatoes

6 spoonful of extra virgin olive oil

2 or 3 cloves of garlic

1/2 kg of cucmbers

1 onion

3 green peppers

1 litre of fresh water


red wine vinegar


For garnishing:

2 diced ripe tomatoes

2 diced and skinned cucumbers

1 diced green pepper

1 minced onion


ingredienti gazpacho



Clean and cut the vegetables into chunks (cucumbers should be skinned first). Blend all the ingredients except for those you’ll use to garnish the dish and season with vinegar and salt to taste. You should obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream. Let it cool in the fridge and serve with the diced vegetables you set apart in another plate so that your tablemates can add whichever they want.



It is a Spanish traditional recipe invented in Andalusia but spread in many other regions with a few changes. Here are the most common variants: garnish with grapes and replace vinegar with lemon juice; garnish exclusively with green pepper; serve with sliced boiled eggs in another plate. It is possible to let it cool in the fridge (so that the vitamins it contains are better preserved), but in this case you’d better offer the diners ice cubes to add to their dishes.


News and tips

It is high in vitamins and mineral salts, rich in fibres as well as antioxidant and anticancer active ingredients. It is a delicious, fresh, refreshing and delicious summer soup. If you add eggs and toasts it can be a main course dish.


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