Joslyn Chittilapally


I work in the field of Responsible Investment and ESG in India working for India’s first active engagement ESG fund called ECube Investment Advisors. I’ve been working in the field of Responsible Investments for over 10 years in organisations like EIRIS, PIRC, UN PRI in London and Aditya Birla Capital in India, after finishing my MSc Sustainability from University of Leeds, UK. My passions are sustainable finance (and its power to make the world more sustainable), travelling, veganism (and vegan food) and gardening. Through my writings, I hope to highlight the challenges faced in India and how sustainable finance can be the answer, talk about my travels, cover inspiring sustainability stories from all over India, make the case for veganism and environmentalism and write generally about positive things that make my day.

Favorite quote:
“You can’t call yourself an environmentalist if you’re still consuming animals” (James Cameron)

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