Sherlock, the hi-tech antitheft device for bikes

A young start-up company based in Turin created a GPS antitheft device for bicycles that can be monitored via smartphone. Sherlock is the only Italian project presented at the British Parliament.

Sherlock is one of the smallest GPS antitheft devices ever realised and it is such an interesting invention that the young start-up that produced it gained international attention. It is called after the famous British detective created by author Arthur Conan Doyle. The project is the result of the company’s cooperation with the Politecnico di Torino (University of Turin) that we also mentioned when talking about PulsaR.


sherlock board antitheft
Zoom of the GPS antitheft board for bikes. Photo © Sherlock


The product gained international recognition: European funds and a tour of events and conferences to make the product known in Hamburg, Barcelona, Copenhagen, London. Moreover, the start-up that created it was the only Italian company to be chosen by SETsquared, a focus for enterprise activity and new business creation for universities. Finally, it will be presented together with other projects at London’s House of Commons and its demo at the London Bike Show that will be held from 10 to 14 February.


Sherlock: the characteristics of the antitheft device for bikes with built-in app


The GPS alarm tracks the user’s bicycle in real time, with a margin of error of five metres, allows the user to find it again in case of theft and to control their bike with a smartphone app. You just need to subscribe your bike, create a profile with a photo and write the model.


It functions as some models of smartphone that can be tracked using a GPS whilst they are on. So Sherlock is also useful to find the exact place where you’ve parked your bicycle – it’s excellent for absent-minded people. In case of theft you get a push notification and the app can forward the warning to your local police.


The device can be installed on the handlebar, under the seat or on the electronic gear-shifting system and it’s not visible. The battery only functions when the bike is moving. If you use it with Strava you can keep track of time and distances and ask for tips and information in the community of users.


The start-up based in Turin needs beta testers because it aims to put the product on the market in 2016 after testing it with the help of a crowdfunding campaign.


Sherlock offers job opportunities, indeed they offer a full-time telecommuting job to an experienced Android develope based at the Politecnico di Torino. Other good news: the team is made up of six people and respects gender equality.

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