Rose water, for hydrated skin

Rose water, whose use dates back to ancient times, is still appreciated today for its anti-ageing, tonic and hydrating properties.

Rose water is one of our grandmas’ beauty secrets but it is a treatment that dates back to ancient times. According to historical sources, Avicenna, a renowned Muslim philosopher and physician, around the Year 1000, discovered how to extract rose water from this flower’s petals. Since then, this beauty serum spread in the Arab world, in the Mediterranean Basin and even farther. The most precious and more commonly used rose variety to extract the water (and even the essence) is the Damask rose, native to the Middle East. In the last decades Bulgaria, Morocco and Turkey have been the major breeders of this rose variety, which is still hand harvested. Provence roses are also much appreciated because they have a subtle and slightly sweet scent.


Rose water has many remarkable beneficial properties. It’s perfect to clean and hydrate the skin, mainly that of the face and it is suitable both for dry and sensitive types of skin. Thanks to its astringent properties it helps regulate the sebum, detoxifying oily skin. In the summer, rose water gives the epidermis a sensation of wellness and freshness; it soothes redness and skin irritation. Water rose is appreciated even for its anti-ageing property that makes it a natural anti-wrinkle treatment. If used daily in the morning and evening, it gives brightness to your face, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

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Considering its natural ingredients, it is excellent also for sensitive skin because it alleviates the skin, without attacking the skin. To keep rose water’s properties effective, an old grandma’s secret suggests to storing it in the fridge: the sensation of freshness is more intense, mostly in case of hot temperature. Rose water is also a precious product to add to a reinvigorating face mask. Here are the ingredients:

– rose water

– natural whole yogurt

– honey (we suggest acacia or orange honey)

Doses: two spoonful for each ingredient. Mix the ingredients until creamy. Apply the mixture on the face skin and let it stand for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse.

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