Quadrofoil: The electric water motor sailing over water

Ideata da una startup slovena, Quadrofoil è un aliscafo leggero, dal design unico, silenzioso e che non produce (quasi) moto ondoso.

Designed by a team of Slovenian engineers and sea lovers, Quadrofoil represents an innovation in water motor manufacturing. It is the first 100% electric two-seat hydrofoil, which can sail over water silently and does not emit CO2.




Available on the market since October 2014, the standard model of this water motor reaches 40 km/h (21 knots) and it takes about 2 hours to charge completely. Thanks to the extremely aerodynamic design, the hovercraft almost floats over the surface of the water and sails without generating excessive swell. The wheel, patented by Quadrofoil, provides an ergonomic and extremely responsive drive.




Led by Marjan M. Rožman, at the end of June the team found several people, from Australia to South Africa, passing through Singapore and The Netherlands, interested in the technology and potentially available for the industrial production of the hovercraft. Positive feedbacks and the number of preorders for Quadrofoil watercrafts exceeded our expectationsThe agreement with Alumero Group is an important step closer to establishing a stable mass production of Quadrofoil watercrafts,” said Rožman.




Made of composite materials and aluminium, the watercraft weighs about 100 kg and due to its shape and its composition, it is virtually unsinkable, even in extreme conditions. According to Quadrofoil, it has a range of about 50 km, while its operating cost is about 1 euro per hour.


This pleasure craft, can access areas forbidden to motorboats, without creating disruptions to the protected area, be it located in the sea, in a lake or in a river. The standard model costs 15,000 euros, while the Limited Edition model costs about 22,500 euros.


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