In Japan there are more electric car charging points than petrol filling stations

Charge points in the country exceeded petrol stations last year. Japanese plug-in drivers are no more afflicted by range anxiety, so electric vehicles are taking off. And now Japan bets on hydrogen cars.

There are about 40,000 electric charging points today in Japan for private and public electric cars compared with 34,000 petrol filling stations. This was revealed in a recent study conducted by Nissan on last year’s data.

Electric car
Electric car plugged into a public charging point. The retrofit of charging points could lead to their growth © Rudi Bressa

The country set an authentic record given the recent introduction of electric car models in the market. But even more importantly, as Nissan’s chief finance officer Joseph G. Peter says: “An important element of the continued market growth is the development of the charging infrastructure”. It is exactly the growth of recharging infrastructure that encourages the spread of electric cars, reducing range anxiety.

This piece of news goes hand in hand with the one on heavy investments by the Japanese Government to develop the charging station network of fuel cell vehicles: 300 stations by 2030. Improved infrastructure will boost sales of  So Japan has a wealth of choices on which kind of vehicles and charging infrastructure to bet on.

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