With an electric car you can save up to 60%

By using an electric car a family cuts monthly fuel expenses by 60%. Here’s how, and where.

The figures come from a UK study, carried out by a team of anthropologists, which shows that every family could save over 3,300 euros per year by moving to an electric vehicle. At least in some EU countries. According to data, if a family adopt an electric mobility for its transfers, it could save up to 60% of its monthly expenses for fuel.




Such data emerged by a research commissioned by Nissan in order to better understand families’ purchasing habits of electric vehicles. The study is based on a total of 5,568 interviewees living in the United Kingdom (1,033), Germany (1,010), France (1,003), Italy (1,012), Spain (1,005) and Norway (505).


The team, by interviewing a particular panel of families in the United Kingdom and Norway (two of the major markets for electric vehicles), highlighted how the use of such vehicles in everyday life is a crucial parameter for those who chose an electric vehicle as family car.


89% of electric car owners said to charge vehicles during the night at their own house, with a cost per kilometre equal to or less than 3 cents (datum that varies depending on energy costs of each country).


In the UK there’s who spends only 5 pound per week, with a Nissan Leaf (the world’s most sold electric car); in Oslo, Norway, 39 cents are enough for 10 km of charge. What about Italy? The cost of the current depends on energy operators. Electricity fares vary depending on the operator, the time band, and the travelled kilometres. An approximate figure could be around 0.20 euros per kWh, which means from 1 to 3 euros for the full tank, i.e. about 120 km of autonomy.


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