P’tit Vélib, Paris’ bike-sharing programme for children

Thanks to the success of Vélib, Paris now offers a bike-sharing programme even to children in order to bring families together in the name of beautiful rides through green spaces.

Paris is increasingly embracing soft mobility, that’s why it created a special cycle-sharing service. Following the day without cars in late September, the Champs-Élysées were crowded with people, resulting in an increase by 32 percent in the use of bike-sharing service Vélib compared to a usual Sunday. Similarly, Paris’ white night, organised in October, encouraged citizens to get on their bikes.


Given the bike-sharing’s success, the municipality decided to extend P’tit Vélib to children who want to learn, that are learning or already know how to ride a bike.


Children using P’tit Vélib. © blog.velib.paris.fr


Through this service, the French capital inaugurates a new era to promote soft mobility and allow children to learn to use a bicycle safely. The P’tit Vélib service offers four sizes of bicycles for children from two to eight years old.
“La Draisienne” is the bicycle without pedals, suitable for very young children aged 2 to 4 that are learning how to balance themselves on the seat and useful to let them to toddle.


The model for children aged 3 to 5 has two small wheels and two 12-inch wheels. For elder children that can ride a bike two models with 16-inch or 20-inch wheels are available. These bikes are located in some of Paris’ green spaces and pedestrian areas. The first thirty minutes are free, the next hour cost 2 euros.


Since good habits are learned at a tender age, this project aims to encourage young Parisians to use environmentally friendly means of transport.

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