Shape up with plants in the summer

Few and simple rules to get fit in the summer with the help of the wide range of products that nature provides us.

The season in which we feel a stronger need for regaining a good shape is certainly the summer. The reasons why people tend to gain weight are different from person to person and are often connected to their lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet, intolerances, genetic, metabolic or psychological factors are among its main causes. A balanced diet in line with every person’s needs is a good starting point, as well as physical activity, which is necessary to be put back in order.


Summertime is the period in which you can consume main-course salads with seeds and cereals, remineralising juices in profusion and delicious fruits to be eaten as a snack without other food. Except for pineapple, an enzyme activator that triggers the digestion of complex protein and that can be consumed during meals: it also contains organic acids that stimulate diuresis.

If your problem is the motivation to keep good intentions, we suggest the Australian flower Wedding bush, if you suffer from food anxiety Crowea is the best flower for you, Bush iris if you need to stimulate your lymphatic system, while Bottlebrush helps detoxifying your colon.

Detox plants such as dandelion, fumitory, milk thistle, birch, cherry peduncle, orthosiphon, and hawkweed help remove toxins in the body and eliminate excessive fluids. You can add equisetum that helps draining and remineralising the body or fennel and cardamom to alleviate stomach swelling.


If you have slow metabolism, seaweed are what suits you best because they are a great source of vitamins and mineral salts. But you can also use Citrus Aurantium that triggers thermogenesis and stimulates the metabolism. You can also add the Australian flower Old man Banskia, which rebalances the thyroid activity. Wakame seaweed, from which the active ingredient Fucoxanthinda is extracted, is useful because it acts on the surface fat of hips and abdomen.

If you cannot resist sweets or carbohydrates, remember not to eat them in the evening: besides increasing the glycemic index, they inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone of sleep. If you are addicted to sweets, choose the Monga Warata flower and the Gymnema’s leaves, a plant called “Gurmar” in Hindu, literally meaning “eating sugar”.

Açai berries, a spontaneous plant native to North Brazil, are a wonder of nature. Named the fruit of life, it has antioxidant properties, it burns fats and it is rich in oleic acid (Omega 9) and soluble fibers that help regulate intestinal activities. It is also a great source of vitamin A, B, C and E, mineral salts, micronutrients and proteins.


Another precious supplement is Spirulina algae, a type of freshwater algae rich in vitamins, mineral salts, chlorophyll, noble proteins and phycocyanin, a blue pigment that helps the detoxifying effect of liver and kidneys. This is particularly suitable for vegetarians and those people who, to get fit, reduce their calorie intake a lot. It should be taken after every meal, so that its nutrients, which are rapidly absorbed by the body, will reduce your sense of hunger. Spirulina algae will also provide you with the energy to better face summer.


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