The ABC of nutrition: let’s choose seasonal foods!

Fruits and vegetables offer what’s right at the right time: they keep us fresh in summer and warm in winter.

Fruits and vegetables offer the right thing at the right time: they freshen us up in the summer and warm us up in the winter. Seasonal foods provide the right amount of calories depending on the climate, as well as all nutrients suitable for facing current season, thus helping us to prevent the typical ailments of cold months and hydrating the body in the warm ones.

The frequent habit of consuming early fruits and vegetables that haven’t completed their life cycle yet causes the body to absorb massive amounts of nitrates, a usually transient substance in seasonable fruits that is not possible to eliminate from those that are forced to grow in greenhouses. And nitrates turn into nitrites within the body.

It should also be kept in mind that the plants forced in their vegetative cycle are weaker, easily damaged by pesticides and diseases and treated with more pesticide drugs. Eating seasonal foods means not consuming artificially ripened or chemically treated fruits and vegetables.

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