Fruits and vegetables in season by month: March

Beetroot, broccoli, artichokes, cardoons, catalogna chicory. Here’s the list of foods in season in March for a sustainable grocery shopping.

What can we buy in March? Winter is drawing to a close, and buds and sprouts are announcing nature waking up. Homegrown sprouts, which are rich in vitamins, are perfect in this time of the year with their depurative properties. Besides the traditional cereal and legume sprouts, try Greek hay sprouts with their slightly bitter taste. They can be easily grown and give a special touch to salads and sandwiches, especially with ricotta cheese.

sprouts vitamins march groceries
Homegrown sprouts, rich in vitamins, are perfect in this time of the year with their depurative properties

What’s in season in March


Beetroot, broccoli, artichoke, cardoon, catalogna chicory, carrot, cauliflower, white cabbage, Savoy cabbage, Brussels sprout, chicory, turnip top, spring onion, sauerkraut, watercress, beet top, fennel, endive, lettuce, hops, leek, red radicchi, turnip, radish, scorzonera, scorzobianca, spinach, dandelion, valerianella, pumpkin.

spring onion march groceries seasonal vegetable
Spring onions are in season in March.


Kiwi, orange, tangerine, clementine, lemon, grapefruit, cedar, apple, pear, dried fruits.

tengerine march seasonal fruit
Tangerines are in season in March.


Anchovy, grey mullet, cod, sardine, sole, tuna. But remember that many fish species are endangered in the Mediterranean and the North Sea; consult the sustainable fish guide before choosing them.

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