Fruits and vegetables in season by month: June

What fruits and vegetables are in season in June? Among other things, apricots. Here’s a list of seasonal foods to buy and eat this month.

June stands for sweet apricots. Rich in carotene, apricots promote a natural, safe and quick suntan. If you buy unripe and sour apricots, dice them and season them with salt, extra virgin olive oil and minced fresh mint. A fresh and unusual summer salad you can serve as a starter.

Fruits and vegetables in season in June



Garlic, asparagus, chard, carrot, cucumber, chicory, onion, green bean, broad bean, courgette flower, lettuce, early potato, nettle, tomato, pea, rhubarb, radish, rocket, celery, dandelion , courgette.

fagiolini giugno


Apricot, black cherry, cherry, strawberry, melon, mulberry, loquat, pear, plum, peach, nectarine, raspberry, currant, gooseberry.



Grey mullet, red snapper, cod, swordfish, sardine, sea bream, sea bass, sole, tuna, red mullet. However, due to overexploitation, some of these species – cod, swordfish and tuna – are endangered: it is advisable to consult a guide for sustainable fishing.

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