Photographer Kenro Izu awarded for improving children’s lives

At the World of Children Award 2014, Japanese photographer Kenro Izu obtained was celebrated for improving children’s health conditions in Cambodia and Laos.

On 6th November, the World of children award ceremony took place in New York, United States. The award was established in 1996 to support and elevate those people who improved children’s lives worldwide, regardless of any kind of discrimination and political, religious or geographical boundaries.


The prize is divided into three categories: the Health award for those who contributed to improve children’s health; the Humanitarian award for those who improved children’s lives in the areas of social services and education and who have contributed to create opportunities for them to build a life on their own; the Youth award for those youngsters who made something to improve their peer’s lives.


“Friends Without A Border, believes that every child has the right to a healthy and loving life”


The ones who obtained the Health awards include Japanese photographer Kenro Izu renowned for his pictures immortalising sacred monuments of past times but even for founding a non-governmental organisation called Friends without a border (FWAB) that provides high quality medical care to children living in Cambodia and Laos.


After his first visit to Cambodia in 1993, when he met children who suffered from different impairments, whose families couldn’t afford medical fees, Kenro Izu had an intuition. Out of this experience was born his humanitarian organisation that in 1999 established the first children’s hospital “Angkor for children” in the city of Siem Reap. Since then the FWAB treated 1.2 million children and trained thousands of local healthcare professionals.



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