Andy Murray and Kevin Spacey team up to protect tigers

Il tennista britannico e l’attore statunitense hanno lanciato un appello per sostenere la campagna del Wwf per la tutela delle tigri.

A tennis champion, a famous actor and a charismatic yet threatened species. Tennis player Andy Murray and actor Kevin Spacey launched a video, shot at Wimbledon’s Centre Court, to support WWF’s ambitious campaign Tx2, aimed at doubling tiger numbers in the wild by 2022.

Tigers live in 13 countries: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailandia, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Bhutan, Nepal and Russia

Tigers are endangered

Tiger populations dropped by 95 per cent over the last century due to relentless poaching, habitat loss and animals-humans conflicts. “It’s shocking to think that there are fewer than 4,000 tigers left in the wild,” Spacey said. “That’s less than a third of the number of seats at Centre Court. But whilst their situation is precarious, I have learnt from Andy that there is hope. We really can help tiger numbers recover. It’s a challenge that I’m proud to be part of drawing attention to.”

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A glimmer of hope

Despite figures are appalling, for the first time in history tiger numbers are increasing with 700 individuals more than 2010. “We are at a turning point and we must seize this opportunity”.

L'attore Kevin Spacey
US actor Kevin Spacey


The campaign’s official hashtag is #DoubleTigers. People can also support the campaign by donating 5 pounds to WWF by texting “tiger” to 70123.

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