Homeopathy and sport, some useful tips to cure injuries

In case of injuries, more or less serious traumas, contractures and muscle cramps, homeopathy can be a valuable ally. Here are some useful tips.

Sport and health are intimately related. Indeed, a constant sport activity entails several benefits, both physical and mental. For instance, it reduces anxiety and stress and the risk of developing hearth diseases and different kind of tumour, as well as preventing, especially in younger people, some harmful conducts such as alcohol abuse, smoking or unhealthy diets. Sometimes, unfortunately, sportsmen can experience more or less significant injuries, muscle traumas and discomforts due to an excessive physical effort. In such cases, homeopathy could be a valuable ally.

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Sprains figure among the most common injuries for sportsmen. If the sprain is recent, it is suggested to take Arnica montana 7 CH, along with Bryonia 5 CH and Ledum palustre 5 CH. Patients must take 5 granules of each medicine every 2 hours. On the other hand, Relapsing ankle sprains should be treated with 5 granules of Natrum carbonicum 15 CH, to be taken once a week, even for 2 months. While rehabilitating from the strain, patients must take 5 granules of Rhus toxicodendron 9 CH twice a day, throughout the rehabilitation period. Patients suffering from tendinitis due to chronic overload resulting from repeated mechanical stress are suggested to take 5 granules of Anacardium orientalis 7 CH, 3 times a day, until their conditions improve considerably.

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are very common in people subjected to intense efforts. Arnica Montana 7 CH, Cuprum metallicum 7 CH and Lacticum acidum 5 CH are recommended to sportsmen suffering from muscle cramps. They should take 5 granules of each medicine before sport activities and every hour after physical efforts, until their conditions improve. On the other hand, if muscle cramps occur at every training, sportsmen are suggested to take 5 granules of Agaricus muscarius 9 CH before the physical activity. Magnesium supplements are also indicated, as they help muscles relaxation and avoid decline in performances. Magnesium plays a key role in the process of muscle contraction and nerve conduction, and it also vital for a correct cardiovascular balance.


Contusions, oedema and hematomas

Arnigel is a gel made of Arnica montana which rapidly relieves the pain, heals contusions effectively, prevents the development of hematomas and accelerates their reabsorption. After the trauma, if the part concerned by the contusion presents oedemas and is bluish and aching, it is suggested to take 5 granules Arnica montana 5 CH every 2 hours, alternating it with 5 granules of China 5 CH every 2 hours and reducing the intake gradually as the pain begins to decrease. To treat black eye 5 granules of Ledum palustre 5 CH 3 times a day, along with 5 granules of Symphytum 3 times a day, which is useful for both corneal injuries and bone traumas (superficial bones, such as zygomatic bone or tibia).


Not every sport entails a training of the whole body. Some activities mainly stimulates the upper trunk (for instance canoeing), or stimulates just one arm. Professional athletes compensate this with specific training, while people practising sport occasionally may experience excessive muscular effort and risk contractures. In such cases, sportsmen can take 5 granules of Magnesia phosphorica 7 CH twice a day, throughout the period in which the such sport is practised.

Vascular pain

Some sports stimulate considerably the system of valves in the veins (for instance horse riding, football, volleyball, etc.) and they may generate vascular pain. In such cases, it is suggested to takes 5 granules of Hamamelis virginiana 9 CH 3 times a day. People who already have problems with the venous circulations in lower limbs must consult their physician to choose the most suitable sport.

By Doctor Monica Viotto, surgeon, sport physician, expert in CAM Therapy, Kousmine and integrative medicine physician. www.crto.org; [email protected]
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