Carpooling: how to travel with your colleagues whilst having fun

Carpooling has ecological and economic advantages. How to turn a routine journey to work into a creative opportunity for personal growth.

The idea of ​​sharing a car journey to work has to do with common sense, but in recent years it has aroused interest for its positive influences on both traffic and ecology.


The spread of technologies for connectivity has also led to the creation of sites and apps for the travel companions’ identification in an increasingly easier and more intuitive way, making viable and accessible to everybody the excellent idea of sharing the costs, efforts and times of a round journey to work.


The rides offered in a couple of years in Italy alone reduced the CO2 emissions of almost 500 tons. But carpooling advantages are not only those of sharing fuel costs or reducing traffic, smog and emissions.


Improvement in punctuality

Through carpooling, a well-defined and precise driving programme is organised: this means that everyone has to leave home in the morning or the office in the evening at the right time, which will impact positively on punctuality, enabling a better time management.


Decrease of the stress of driving and safety improvement

Driving with passengers on board is safer and more careful than driving alone, and it’s a way of promoting road safety. Stress can be reduced in two ways: when driving with passengers, people can easily divert attention from current problems and alternate their rest periods during the outward and return journeys, day after day or week after week.


You can stay connected

At work, people usually don’t have satisfying personal relationships or conversations. What could be better than using the time spent in traffic to meet other people and exchange opinions? Everyday boring journeys become interesting when you are given the opportunity to talk about job or recent events.


You can make friends

For the people who love to socialize, carpooling is an activity that fosters new friendships. It lures socially active people who have things in common, are interested in ecology and money saving. The everyday journey thus becomes an entertaining discovery moment.


The essential precondition to enjoy all these benefits is the ability to make relationships funny, positive and constructive. To do this, you should adopt some simple measures that make carpooling more entertaining. Here are a few tips.


How to make carpooling entertaining

To rock the boat, you can DJ in turn, so that every day a colleague can put his/her own playlist, or read the day’s leader piece and comment on it to provide food for thoughts or trigger discussions or even jokes on how the speaker reads.


Discover new roads and alternate different paths: as far as it is possible and respecting time constraints, it’s advisable to vary your journey, take different roads and try alternative routes by making the best use of navigators or smartphone apps. Even at the cost of spending three minutes more (modern software also specify the travel time changes according to traffic and the itinerary chosen), you can see new roads and rock the boat, thus improving your concentration and arousing perceptiveness.


With these measures, little common sense and a hint of goodwill, the alchemy of change of a sustainable and virtuous habit takes place in a moment of creativity and personal growth.

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