Bike the Nobel, Paola Gianotti’s efforts to present bicycles as nominees in Oslo

Cyclist Paola Gianotti will ride her bike with enthusiasm to hand in the Bike the Nobel signatures collected by the Caterpillar radio programme to Oslo’s Nobel Committee.

2016 Nobel Peace Prize? Why not giving it to bicycles? This is the objective of the Bike the Nobel campaign of the radio programme Caterpillar, which peaked on 16 January with Paola Gianotti’s travel from Milan to Oslo, Norway, to present the collection of signatures to nominate bicycles for the Nobel Peace Prize. Paola Gianotti will travel by bike to Norway for 2,000 kilometres and for the first stretch of the journey she will be accompanied by the president of the Italian non-profit association of cyclists FIAB.


paola gianotti bike the nobel
Cyclist Paola Gianotti leaves to hand in the collection of signatures in Oslo. © Paola Gianotti’s Facebook page


In the first stage of the journey the cyclist will ride through the Italian border and reach Switzerland. Then, after a short ride through France, she will continue pedalling in the cycling lane that runs along the River Rhine for as long as 400 kilometres away from the traffic flow. In Germany she will cycle until she reaches Duisburg where she will travel for 5 kilometres in the new highway for cyclists. After riding in Denmark she will take a ferry to reach the Norwegian fjords and then she will conclude her trip to Oslo.


The 10,000 signatures, that will be handed in on 28 January to the Nobel Committee in Norway, were gathered thanks to the support of a few personalities of cycling including Italy’s head coach Davide Cassani, the winner of the 2014 Tour de France Vincenzo Nibali and many other bike lovers. In this occasion the rapper Frankie Hi-nrg changed his song “Pedala” (pedal) and dedicated it to Bike the Nobel.

“I’m honoured to be able to participate in the Bike the Nobel project and cycle with Paola Gianotti in the first stage of her journey to Oslo”, the president of the FIAB Giulietta Pagliaccio said. “The success of this initiative will certainly do well to the number of people who believe in and work for the promotion of bicycles every day and will highlight the importance of choosing healthier and more sustainable lifestyles”.

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