2016 CES in Las Vegas, technological products dealing with bicycles

The 2016 CES show that took place in Las Vegas presents a few products that could revolutionise how bicycles are used in the future. We’ve chosen five.

At the 2016 CES show that took place from 5 to 8 January in the United States city of Las Vegas, there were also some innovative technological devices for bicycle lovers that one day we could decide to purchase. Following is a selection of the top 5 technological products presented at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show that we should take into consideration if we use to ride a bike.


app orbitrec
This image shows a screenshot of the application for controlling data recorded by Orbitrec.


2016 CES, Las Vegas, a selection of products dealing with bicycles


Orbitrec is a technological bicycle whose titanium frame was realised with a 3D printer. The sensor built into the frame records data about how the bicycle is ridden, including the slope and centre of gravity. The cyclist could then see this information in the cloud thanks to an Internet connection.

Garmin Varia Vision

Garmin Varia Vision is a small display that easily attaches to your sunglasses. It is like having a third eye in the nape. The rearview radar allows you to see what’s happening behind you, for example if there’s a vehicle approaching and overtaking you. The display weighs 30 grammes and it is water resistant so that it can be used even when it rains.


The website promises that Urb-E is the revolution of urban transportation. This product is a sort of bike-scooter, a middle ground between a foldable bike and an electric means of transport. It is made of high quality materials: its frame and disc brakes are made of the aluminium use to build aircrafts. Its folding mechanism is patent-pending and its tyres are made in a way that they never go flat. It includes an integrated shock absorption system and its seat is breathable. In the rear part it is possible to hook a basket where to put objects like shopping bags.

Babaali Smart Bike Helmet

Indicating left and right turns when you’re riding your bike it’s easier now. The Babaali Smart Bike Helmet is controlled via a wireless remote. You can attach it to the handlebar of your bike and push a button to indicate with the rear lights if you are turning right or left. There’s a model that, like the Garmin Varia Vision, has a rearview display with in-built navigation device.


“Stay hydrated, stay healthy” is the slogan of this device. H20-Pal is a hydration tracker that must be attached to the base of a water bottle. It consumes very little energy to collect data on water consumption, so much so its battery life is over 6 months. It records data and sends notifications to remind you to drink water and hydrate yourself. This system can come in useful for those who ride long distances and athletes, who can keep their hydration level under control.

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