Animal Rights

10 December is International Animal Rights Day

L’obiettivo della giornata è ricordare che libertà e giustizia sono valori fondamentali per ogni singolo individuo, a prescindere da razza, genere o specie.

Eaten, worn, exploited for scientific experimentation and for our entertainment. The number of animals killed every day by man is incalculable (150 billion animals are killed each year worldwide for food purposes alone).


Some 150 billion animals are killed every year for food purposes only


Talking about animal rights when our society doesn’t even recognise human rights can seem bizarre, yet one thing does not exclude the other. As the French writer Marguerite Yourcenar once said: “Let us be subversive: let us revolt against ignorance, indifference, cruelty – which in any case don’t act quite so often against man only because they lay their hands on animals”.


Coinciding with the Human Rights Day, on 10 December the International Animal Rights Day is celebrated in order to extend these inalienable rights to all living creatures populating our planet, even if they belong to species different from ours. The celebration has been established in 1998 by the animal rights association Uncaget Campaigns to highlight the violence carried out against animals, which “can’t vote, protest or lobby MPs for protection”.


Animals performing in circuses obey orders that go against their nature, which means coercive training


Uncaget Campaigns has drawn up a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, according to which all creatures have the right to life and freedom. The campaign’s objective is convincing people that all creatures deserve kindness and respect.


In occasion of the international day, demonstrations, events and projections are organised worldwide, in order to show the reality of animal exploitation and sufferance, usually disguised by traditional media.


The organisation Animal Equality will coordinate a demonstration to commemorate any animal victim that has been forgotten, on 19 December in Rome.


The clothing industry kills over 60 million animals every year


Demonstrations are characterised by the presence of candles, torches, and lamps. The symbol of the international day is indeed the light, to represent the need of “shedding light” on tortures carried out against billions of animals all over the world.

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