Vietnam, climate crisis

In Vietnam il cambiamento climatico costerà circa quattro miliardi di dollari, mentre il costo del lavoro aumenterà per via della riduzione della produttività causando perdite per 8 miliardi.

The Dara International report takes into consideration 184 countries, showing their index of vulnerability to global warming. Along with figures of the last 2 years, the paper tries to estimate the damages climate change will cause by 2030.


Vietnam is the country that will be affected the most, since sea level increase will cost to Saigon government some 4 billion dollars, whilst the labour cost will increase due to productivity reduction, causing losses of 8 billion dollars. Increasing heat waves in summer and the increase in rainfall intensity that could hinder country’s electricity grid worsen the broader picture.


In the infographic below, you can find a comparison with Italy, where global warming effects over the next 20 years are classified as “low” or “moderate”.


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