How to get rid of thrush forever

Thrush is a very common infection caused by an altered balance of the vaginal and intestinal mucus’ defence mechanisms.

Thrush is the most common and notorious vaginal infection. It is often related to fever and other illnesses, it causes discomfort while having sex and it can keep returning during stress episodes and before the menstrual cycle. Its symptoms are creamy white cottage cheese-like discharge, itching, a stinging sensation when urinating and reddening. One time out of five, thrush is transmitted to the partner. Traditional treatments include the use of antifungal drugs, which are almost always not sufficient to prevent the recurrent bouts of this disease.


Intimate wash: it is recommendable to choose one with acidic PH and with extracts of calendola, which is known for its lenitive and emollient properties and is suitable to reduce inflammation. Even those with propolis extracts are excellent: they are delicate and prevent irritation and inflammation. In case of severe irritation use water and bicarbonate only: this is an effective device even in case of acute irritation.




Sanitary napkin and underwear: during the period it is better to use those made of organic cotton or the hypoallergenic ones. If you are accustomed to use tampons, remember to change them every 2-3 hours! Avoid the use of pantiliners that dry the vaginal mucosa, necessary to protect the genitals. Use cotton underwear only.


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Nutrition: it is necessary to restore the vaginal flora. Use probiotics, in particular if you are prescribed an antibiotics treatment, avoid leavened and sugary foods. Milk and cow cheese should be avoided while it is more recommendable to consume goat and sheep cheese. Be careful with yeast: no pizza, brioche, focaccia bread. Stay away from sweets and replace white sugar with honey or fruit sugar.




Natural remedies: Melaleuca Alternifolia is perfect for recurrent thrush: this is a plant native to Australia and its essential oil is contained in many anti-thrush creams. Pseudowintera Colorata, a species endemic to New Zealand is available in cream or tablet form and is perfect to treat intestinal thrush. Finally, capsules, douching and local cream made of the extraordinary grapefruit seeds.


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