Star of Bethlehem, the flower that lights up the darkness of the soul

The Star of Bethlehem is the flower that consoles inconsolable people, furthers aims and excites attention when everything seems dull and uninteresting.

It is used in very special occasions, after a traumatic event, such as bereavement, the loss of a love, the breaking of a friendship or of a family bond. The negative event could be even more contingent, such as job loss, the diagnosis of a disease, fear after an accident or an argument with a co-worker, a teacher.


The Star of Bethlehem is used when we feel a pain that suddenly changes everything, when there’s an event that runs through our lives like a comet: after that, everything seems irreparable, lost, meaningless. We don’t have energy, we feel depressed. We are no more capable of enjoy things, dream, make plans and react.


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The Star of Bethlehem is the flower that helps us putting up with pain without repressing it, the flower of change. It’s the flower with which starting to cure psychosomatic diseases because it opens Pandora’s box which is full of pretexts, diseases, lack of responsibility, anger, fear and pain. And it helps us to see them for what they are, little pieces of our mosaic, wounds never healed, shadows visiting our night and sleep.


The sentence we’re likely to say before taking this flower is “I can’t recover from this trauma” while after we will be likely to say: “I can recover from what happened to me and look ahead”.


The Star of Bethelhem is a small flower with a white star-shaped corolla, and a touch of green on the edge of the petals. Its botanical name is Ornithogallum Ubellatum.


The recommended dose is 4 drops 4 times a day until the patient forgets to take it. At this point, it will have been effective because a light will have been turned on in the darkness of the soul.

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