Rhassoul, a secret of beauty

Cosmetico naturale a base di argilla, il rhassoul si rivela un efficace rimedio per chi ha pelli impure e capelli grassi.

Those who travelled North Africa would probably know this traditional beauty care product made of mineral clay. Rhassoul, also known as ghassoul, is a cosmetic used to cleanse the skin delicately yet deeply. It’s not a case that this Arabic word means “cleaning material”. It is a type of clay extracted in different regions in Morocco. During its processing, rhassoul is powdered or chipped and generally the it is used powdered for practicality.

This special clay is utilized to purify the skin, because it absorbs exceeding sebum and helps removing unsightly black spots. It is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica, that’s why it is excellent to cleanse the skin and hair. Since it is completely natural, it cleans the epidermis without attacking the skin; in addition, it isn’t dangerous for the environment, it’s a green product.

Using this cosmetic is really easy. You just need to put a small amount of powder in a bowl with lukewarm water and mix slowly until soft and smooth. If you want to create a face pack you just need to use three teaspoonful of powdered rhassoul. Then apply the mixture to your face skin, particularly in the T area: forehead, nose and chin. But avoid applying it on the skin around the eyes. Let it set for at least ten minutes and rinse with abundant water (you can also do it using a glove made of natural fibers).

maschera argilla

To prepare an alternative nourishing cream for the skin of your face you can add other ingredients: prepare some green tea and let it cool; in a bowl, put three spoonful of powdered rhassoul, slowly add part of the green tea and a teaspoonful of oil (wheat germ oil or olive oil to taste). Stir accurately. Apply on your face and let it set for ten minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

As a hair treatment mask, it is recommended to employ about 50 g of powdered rhassoul and add some lukewarm water and an egg yolk. Mix everything until smooth and apply the cream so obtained consistently on the already washed hair. Let it set for five minutes than rinse with abundant lukewarm water. The mask is useful to bring vitality and brightness to your hair.

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