Radicchio and walnut salad

L’insalata di radicchio e noci è resa più sfiziosa con l’aggiunta del gorgonzola.



2 heads of radicchio

8 walnuts

100 g of gorgonzola cheese (blue cheese)

salt and pepper

extra virgin olive oil

insalata radicchio lifegate.it


Wash and cut the radicchio. Drain it.

Shell the walnuts and crumble them. Cut the gorgonzola cheese in small pieces.

Once the radicchio has dried, combine it with the walnuts and the cheese in a bowl.

Season the radicchio and walnut salad with salt, pepper and oil. Garnish with just a few drops of aromatic vinegar and serve it.

insalata radicchio lifegate.it

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