4 natural remedies for premenstrual syndrome

One woman out of three is familiar with it: the stomach bloats, hunger increases, volatility is up, not to mention headaches… But it is possible to feel good even if you suffer from premenstrual syndrome.

The countdown for menstruation has begun and a woman out of three becomes nervous: anxiety, insomnia, bursts of anger or tears are common manifestations. Mothers lose patience with their offspring, a female colleague hits the roof at work and husbands or male colleagues are always there to ask them: “Are you about to have your period?” Only those who experience it every month know what it means: volatility, weight cycling, spots, bloating. Here are all the ways to treat the premenstrual syndrome.




Vitex Agnus Castus: it is the natural progesterone every woman should use because it lowers the amount of stress hormones (cortisol and prolactin) and supports the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, during which the premenstrual syndrome occurs. It is a plant with beautiful flowers from which tablets (20-40 mg per day) or mother tincture (50 drops in the morning) can be derived.


Magnesium: this mineral is really beneficial for muscle pain and cramps because it relaxes the muscles and, for this reason, it is also particularly suitable for sportsmen and sportswomen; the uterus is a muscle that contracts and causes pain before the menstrual cycle starts; 150-300 g of magnesium per day alleviate this pain.


Pregnenolone: it is the most suitable bioidentical hormone for the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids. It is excellent for the crises of mood, when women are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, when they are irritable and aggressive without reason. Pregnenolone regulates the amount of sex hormones and it is precursor of the progesterone, this is why it can be used to treat the premenstrual syndrome.


Diet: avoid tea, coffee and alcohol and reduce simple sugar consumption. During the first week of menstrual cycle follow a diet low in dairy products. It is important to eat food rich in magnesium (nuts, chocolate, soy, wholegrain cereals, green vegetables) and vitamin B6 (soy, potatoes, green vegetables, egg yolk).

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