President Obama goes to Alaska to shine a spotlight on climate change

Barack Obama goes to Alaska, takes part in an extreme reality show and writes of his experience in a blog. The aim? To show Americans and the world what climate change is.

After having restored the name Denali, coined by the Koyukon Athabascan ethnic group, to Mount McKinley, the US’ tallest mountain (20,237ft, i.e. 6,168m), Alaska, the US President Barack Obama is on a mission “into the wild” (quoting the famous book by Jon Krakauer) to discover, experience and tell the life of the Alaskans who are suffering the harshest consequences of global warming. From melting ice to permafrost engulfing houses and villages.


As told in a video before his departure, the journey’s aim is to see first-hand climate change and those places it directly affects every single day. President Obama personally tells his experiences, day by day. His updates can be followed on his social network accounts, as well as on what can be defined as a real blog: President’s Obama trip to Alaska.


The first video with his early impressions has already been posted on the White House’s Youtube channel, and shows Barack Obama telling what he feels on board the Air Force One, taking pictures from the window (no coincidence, to Mount Denali) with his smartphone, on the cry of “As long as I’m President, America will lead the world to meet this threat before it’s too late”. Climate change, indeed.

Furthermore, President Obama will be the special guest of an extraordinary episode of the reality show Running Wild with Bear Grylls, a US format where the host Grylls unveils to celebrities survival techniques in complicated situations. Obama, in this case, will be given the opportunity to talk about what is happening in Alaska due to rising temperatures, and will put himself to the test to survive “into the wild”.

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