No more dogs on chains, thanks to Dogs Deserve Better

Freeing dogs on chains is the mission of an important organization set up in the United States.

Dogs kept in chains are dogs that suffer. Tethering animals and forcing them to move in a little space is a cruelty: dogs are naturally social beings that thrive on interaction with humans and other animals.


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Dogs Deserve Better  was thus set up to stop cruelties to dogs. It is a US non-profit organization that fights against dogs on chaines. The organization carries out raising awareness campaigns on this problem, as well as it frees confined and penned dogs providing them a new home.



Citizens are precious as they inform Dogs Deserve Better about dogs on chains, allowing volunteers to promptly act. Freed animals are inevitably depressed and scared. In fact, they are brought to a rehab centre in Virginia, where they are gradually rehabilitated and get used to interact with other people and dogs. They can then be fostered by a new family, ready to start a new life, without chains.


Tethering dogs, besides being degrading and alienating, can be also deadly to them. Many dogs are found hanged in the attempt of overstep fences and palisades. Moreover, children can be in danger, too: between 2003 and 2015 400 cases of kids killed or seriously injured by dogs on chains have been registered, due to the fact that dogs tethered for a long period become more aggressive.


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Dogs on chains are a widespread phenomenon in the United States, mostly in rural areas. However, thanks to Dogs Deserve Better and volunteering citizens, chained and tethered dogs will be fewer and fewer.

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