Mixed bean soup with turmeric

A creative recipe for a hot, cleansing, colourful and tasty mixed bean soup.

Ingredients for 6 servings

80 g of lentils

80 g of chickpeas

80 g of cannellini beans

2 spoonful of 00 flour

4 ripe red tomatoes or a tin of tomatoes

1 big white onion

1 lemon juiced

Minced celery leaves

1 small bunch of minced parsley

1 teaspoonful of powdered turmeric

A pinch of saffron

A pinch of harissa (a hot chili pepper paste)

Extra virgin olive oil







Soak chickpeas, beans and lentils in three separate bowls overnight. Put the former two into cold water and boil them, mixing until tender. Add lentils, the chopped up onion and a pinch of pepper: cook until the lentils will be tender too. Add saffron.

In a large pot toss peeled tomatoes in a little oil with celery leaves, lemon juice and turmeric. Season with salt. Cover with half a litre of water and boil over high heat. Add flour by gently sprinkling it in and blend with a whisk until smooth with no lumps. Add the legumes, a handful of minced parsley, harissa and salt to taste and stir while cooking for 10 minutes. Serve with remaining chopped parsley and thin slices of lemon.



It is possible to use lentils and chickpeas only and add short pasta pieces, such as angel hair pasta or a handful of rice.


News and tips

This rustic mixed bean soup is very spicy, it is a vegetarian version of harira, the traditional Moroccan soup with which Muslims break the fast during Ramadan. Flour makes it smooth and enhances the spices.


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