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Mamba, world’s most powerful vibration speaker

It transforms the surfaces where it is placed into sound sources. The Mamba Vibe-Tribe is the most powerful vibration speaker available worldwide.

It is as small as an apple, portable and bright coloured. This is how Vibe-Tribe Mamba appears, a device that in spite of its basic aspect is world’s most powerful wireless vibration speaker. With a power of 18 watts, when this device is put on any smooth surface it begins to vibrate producing amplified sounds.

It has a built-in battery and can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet and computer via Bluetooth to reproduce music, movie soundtracks and games. You just need to touch it on its touchpad and thanks to a microphone it removes the environmental sounds as well as allows to make and receive clear speakerphone calls.

Realised by Milan-based Unicorn company, Mamba functions almost in the same way as traditional loudspeakers but unlike them it doesn’t need a sounding board: you just need to rest it with its sucker against the chosen surface that in turn vibrates and becomes a loudspeaker that emits sound waves. The (maximum) output of the device depends on the surface material.

And this is exactly what makes the device funny: you can experiment and place the device on different surfaces according to your musical tastes. For example, a wooden table emits a soft and rounded sound while a metallic surface generates bass sounds. Cardboards create a curious “vinyl effect” while glass emits clear and high sounds.

Generally, you have the impression that music doesn’t come from a precise point, rather, it spreads into the environment evenly. The device can generate sounds with great impact for example at a party, where you can easily imagine a tribe that vibrates to the rhythm of music: just connect multiple Mamba devices via cable and you’ll get the party started. If you prefer the sounds of nature, simply turn on the Mamba device in a park and you will amplify them.

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