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Let’s not eat up the climate: sign the appeal launched by Slow Food

At the COP21 climate conference in Paris leaders are deciding what to do to fight climate change, but farming and nutrition are not among the topics being discussed. A new appeal launched by Slow Food is trying to call everyone’s attention to them.

What we eat and how we produce it are also to blame for climate change. Food and agriculture contribute to damage the climate with unimaginable and upsetting amounts of greenhouse gases that harms the ecosystem and all of us. Things must change, quickly.

Let’s sign Slow Food’s appeal

Slow Food launched an appeal in six languages directed to COP 21 to say loud and clear that “in order to stop climate change, we must change the industrial food production system, based on profit and the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, and restore value to food”.

But at COP 21 agriculture and the relationship between food and climate has remained on the margins of the discussions so far, because leaders put first topics like energy, industry and transports. However, according to the systems adopted, farming, cattle breeding and the production of food can be one of the main causes of climate change as well as one of its possible solutions.

The world’s governments will be meeting in Paris from November 30 to December 11 to try to find a global agreement on climate change – says the appeal of the organization – but agriculture has remained on the margins of the discussions so far. This is why we are demanding that the representatives from the nations and international institutions gathered in Paris take agriculture’s decisive and central role into serious consideration”.

Let's not eat up our planet
Let’s not eat up our Planet. Let’s sign Slow Food’s appeal

Let’s not eat up the climate. Let’s sign Slow Food’s appeal by following this link

The appeal can be signed by filling in the online form, which is available in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. Let’s our voice be heard by COP 21 leaders by signing it.

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