Materia Instabile, a journey across Iceland of over a million steps

Young Italian explorer Mattia Vettorello hiked solo and unsupported for 30 days across Iceland. Here’s his amazing photobook, Materia Instabile.

After a journey across Iceland of over a million steps, precisely 1,066,113, he needed to stop to think. Mattia Vettorello, young Italian explorer, created a photo-book, Materia Instabile (Unstable Matter). It’s an attempt to push everyone, beginners included, to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone. Life is short, and there are too many places to visit.

Vettorello’s passion began through his blog, Frostscape, a declaration of love for nature and discovery, to be enjoyed at a slow pace. “The figure of the explorer has changed: in the 1980s, Bonatti was discovering the Great Unknown with a backpack on his shoulders. Today’s explorer has to relate to an utterly mapped, inspected and scanned world. Yet not known,” writes Vettorello at the beginning of his book. “To be able to say to know should assign introspective and anthropological connotations to the journey. This is the ultimate goal of Frostscape”.

Iceland turned out to be his first destination, where the matter is unstable due to the intense subterranean volcanic activity.


The book can be purchased online, in Italian and English. Part of the proceeds will be donated to build schools in Nepal, destroyed after the 2015 earthquake, thanks to the support of the Finale for Nepal project. The small Asian country will be Vettorello’s next destination. A choice aimed to see how life proceeds a year after the terrific earthquake. A journey to meet people, discover things and photograph faces. A slow-paced path.

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